Jumat, 12 Februari 2010


Tenderness Glend make Rann yield ..... Kesetian and substantiality Glend to have fully made Rann Rann resigned.
Rann no longer concerned with the sense of sex he had. Moreover Glend very patient and always try to understand mengukuti all-vent vent Rann he actually had sex against same-sex.
Whether it was fate, or whether it's a resignation, Rann Glend not just accept as a lover, but he even took his college friend's to get married.

As usual it Glend waiting faithfully Rann out of the lecture hall. "Rann ....," Glend Glend directly approached and put his arm around the body Glend with no hesitation.
"Hey, Rann! Glend've been waiting for, huh?" Sasie smiling at the Rann.
"He, .....," Rann beibh donk off his hands for a moment from the body as he approached Sasie Glend. "Upps ...., do not forget this evening to kosku, yes ....," Rann said as he planted a soft kiss to his lips Sasie. Glend a moment to look away. He was intimately familiar with the attitude toward Sasie Rann. Rann often tells that Rann and Sasie were lovers. Glend even with heart field promises to not be separate from the Rann of Sasie .....
"Okk .... cayang .....," Sasie Glend mengerlingkan gaze on the premises trying to avoid turning his gaze toward the other.
"Rann .....," then Sasie Rann pulled into his arms," You still love me ......?" Sasie whispered very slowly so as not to be heard by Glend.
"You must believe me .....," Rann Sasie lips crushed with great passion. For a moment they kissed.
Glend remain their backs to try to not see anything that happened. Rann Hinnga then back toward Glend and put his arm back into the body Glend.

While Sasie as usual as he put his hand over the body Rann. The three walked together to leave the campus to the car which was parked Glend in campus parking areas.

"I titip Rann, said ....," Glend Sasie standing near the car window while holding the shoulder Glend who had sat for driving his car. While Rann sat beside him.

"Okey, I'll Sasie ..... ....," Glend guards he replied with enthusiasm. Rann Rann winked and then went to his car which was parked not too far from the car Glend.

Before long, Glend began menyetarter car. Similarly Sasie.

"Glend, you do not often see me jealous kissing Sasie?" Rann said as soon as the car started down the road.

"I really love you, Rann .... But my love is not blind .... Because love that makes me accept you as is ....,"

"You? Are you really going to give me a chance to continue having sex with Sasie though later I have become yours?" Rann immediately asked later.

"Whatever happens, I was determined to give you the opportunity ....,"

"Are you serious?"

"I swear to this one thing. I'm better than I give you the opportunity to leave so .....," Glend said firmly.

"I like you, and I would marry you if you keep giving me the opportunity to have sex with Sasie .....,"

"Married?" Glend terperangan heard the word "marriage".
"Yes, marry me soon and keep give me a chance to have sex with Sasie .....," for the first time landing a kiss Rann degngan Glend neck tenderness. Feeling the kiss Rann, Glend blood immediately swished his manhood.
"I will propose as soon as possible, .....," Rann said as he felt the warmth Glend lips kiss on her neck Rann.

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